“Poverty is a symptom of an unhealthy community”
~ Stephen Giuliano, Chaplain & Director of Operation Sharing

Mission Statement of Operation Sharing

Operation Sharing is a Christ Focused Community, committed to living out the Gospel of Jesus Christ, through service of love and justice, as we work with the impoverished of Oxford County.

Integrated, holistic, and with an emphasis on dignity and respect, our services help not only those in need but the community as a whole. Operation Sharing promotes empowerment through responding proactively to the needs of the community.

In this ministry, we value and seek to follow the principle of mutuality. The staff and volunteers of Operation Sharing do not see ourselves as ministering to the poor; rather we work with and among those who are less well off materially than ourselves. We seek to learn from them.

Operation Sharing is supported by over 45 different church–related organizations as well as municipal, provincial and federal governments, community service groups, businesses, and individuals.

There is room for all levels of involvement and participation in our community:

  • those in need of service and support
  • those interested in volunteering time, skills and resources
  • the staff who lead the hands-on work of the ministry
  • the board members who chart direction and establish policy

Every person involved is celebrated as a unique individual loved by God, coming with a variety of gifts to be shared in order to enhance the community.

Integrative, Holistic, Proactive

Integrative: Operation Sharing believes that community is about relationships. We focus our attention on bringing all people in the community into relationship with each other. Our activities are designed to break down the barriers caused by labeling through opportunities for all members of the community to participate in the life of a community.

Holistic: Operation Sharing views people in community as complete people. People are more than the sum of their parts and are identified by their strengths and gifts versus being defined by their experience of poverty.

Proactive: Operation Sharing takes action in building community. We address immediate issues while envisioning true change in our community. We believe that there are local solutions to solvable problems.

Operation Sharing has been in existence for the past 30 years serving the less fortunate throughout Oxford County.

Services offer support up to 2500+ people monthly.


Since it’s inception 33 years ago, by five local United Churches, Operation Sharing has grown to represent a collaboration of over forty church related organizations throughout Oxford County. The diversity of ‘Operation Sharing’ programs has attracted the aid of; both municipal/provincial government, local business, local service clubs, community organizations and industry.