Chaplain/Executive Director – Stephen Giuliano

Woodstock Meeting Place Coordinator – Bonnie Rhea

Ingersoll Meeting Place Coordinator/Administrative Assistant/ Public Relations – Vanessa Giuliano

Bullwinkle’s Hospitality Training Centre Chef– Vanessa Giuliano

Bullwinkle’s Kitchen Coordinator – Jean Garner

Inn Out of the Cold Coordinator – Paul Arsenault

Cynthia Anne Centre for Addictions Coordinator (part time) – Charity Bull

Extended Family Coordinator (part time) – Eric Schmiedl

Board of Directors

President – Marilyn Schmiedl

Vice President – John Klein-Geltink

Secretary – Christine Hall

Treasurer – Joe Fransen

Director – Maddie Huether

Director – John Limburg

Director – Jim Stoakley

Director– Judy Brown